Intelligent 2-way email to SMS communication

Simple. Cost effective. Available.


Etxt enables automated and intelligent two way communication from email accounts to SMS mobile devices. This enables you to send SMS messages via any email software. Once the sending email account has been registered, SMS messages can be sent either manually or automatically to a single mobile device or a group of mobile devices, then have the respond to the originating email address. A user friendly administration web portal allows for easy management of who can send SMS messages and who is included in your recipient groups.

Message Groups

Do you remember all of your contacts' phone numbers? No need! Just set up groups with all of the associated phone numbers and any time you want to send a message just use the group name and we'll handle the rest

Personalised Text Messages

Need to send out a whole heap of messages but want to make each message personalised? We've got you covered. Keep an address book with your contacts' details and we can add in their personalised details automatically

Premium Message Service

Since we have direct connections to each of the New Zealand telcos we can track exactly what happened to each and every text message and confirm they were delivered within New Zealand

International Delivery

Our international texting partner has a massive reach, covering over 700 networks globally

Reporting and Tracking

We've made our reporting as open as possible, so you can pretty much see exactly what we see. If you need to confirm a message was sent, or how many messages you've sent you can do it through our administration portal


The core system is pretty useful, but we've managed to build on some extra pieces to make it even more helpful! If you're after a particular function and we don't have it covered already get in contact and we'd be happy to discuss possibilities

Built on top of the Datacom Message Gateway

Most modern corporate messaging systems are built to reach stationary audiences, largely via email. The Datacom Message Gateway enables businesses to extend their reach to effectively and efficiently inform, alert and interact with staff and customers where they are, in NZ and beyond.


A secure, quick and simple way to pay. If a customer has a bill to pay you can simply send them a text message, to which they reply 'Y' or 'N' and MPay will take care of the rest. The payment will be confirmed almost immediately; no need to swipe or wave a card, no need to pull out cash. Easy to reconcile. Totally secure.


Send and receive SMS messages between your web browser and mobile devices belonging to an individual or a group. Be flexible and interact with customers or staff from any location without installing any software. The browser interface can be used to manage campaigns and surveys, or shift workers, etc.

Alarms and Alerts

Delivers alarms and alerts to mobile devices from applications for monitoring and support purposes.

2-Factor Authentication

Remove the need for expensive separate key tags for Remote Security Authentication. Strong authentication allows you to enable more applications and users for remote access, delivering business benefits.

Custom Integration

Our team of over 250 developers can custom integrate with your application or undertake development for you to provide seamless communication for your business.